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Theorem : The best master of defense is to avoid violence to the end




RULE : Constantly avoid conflict and bad confrontation and seek ideal coherence and harmony.


The confrontation and its psychological, tactical and technical ranking



Introduction :

Most of the defensive sports known as fighting-sports are based mainly on the ordinary confrontation which is more or less vulgar and causes harmful effects towards the aggressor or the victim.

Ignoring of techniques of psychological harmony and gestural coherence is a loss of physical and moral energy, unless the mind implantation of aggression  in the concerned person.

The practitioner of the fighting-sports sees in himself the strength and the hardness and can not see his capacities of psychological and mental flexibility which allow him to reach the desired goal while avoiding all kinds of damage.

I allow myself to represent the approach adopted by the sport of monotheism in its defense mode according to the systematic progression from stage zero to the psychological stage ending with the motor stage.

I out the light on the fact that this defensive progression of the sport of monotheism is not limited to the field of defensive arts only, but can be used in all areas of life (social, economic, educational, hygienic, religious, etc.) and this will be explained later in details.

The sport of monotheism is based mainly on harmony, giving up to overcome, the physical and mental flexibility, the non-resistance.

I will show all the steps that I have developed from my personal experience, based on a few examples.

Please note that in order to succeed in the defense of monotheism, the steps shown below must be respected.




The structure


1st step

The point ZERO : this step is divided into two stages

1st degree : General avoidance

2nd degree : Special avoidance

2nd step

This step is divided into two degrees

1st degree : Exploitation of time and place

2nd degree : moral obstacle (signal order, frontal smile)

3rd step

This stage is divided into two degrees

1st degree : Greetings impact

2nd degree : Question impact

4th step

this stage is divided into five degrees

1st degree : Empty creation

2nd degree : Give in, profit

3rd degree : Tactile defense

4th degree : Tactile-alert defense

5th degree : Inert defense






1st step

The point ZERO:

Governed by reflection and precaution, it is the first point of defense presented in two degrees,

1st degree : general avoidance

It is the absence of the Probability of confrontation

example :

At the end of the night, do not leave the house for a non-urgent need, You can just do it in the morning.

2nd degree : Special avoidance

This stage comes immediately after the first defensive action mentioned, and it corresponds to the stage of: Silence, non-appearance.

For a better understand we’ll use the same same example already mentioned, in this case you have to leave the house, from here begins the principe of special avoidance

First you have to choose the right way and the best time (space-time).


Avoid the risky, empty, non-animated streets,

As an example: If you see suspicious people, change your way or you orientation without attracting attention it is Space avoidance.

In case you are forced to pass in front of them, the stage of exploitation of the place is out, and we move to the next stage which is based on the time factor (Temporal Avoidance) and which can change certain many  details.

In this case you have to take profits from your surroundings

(surrounding exploitation theory)

everything around you can help

When you see someone slowly approaching, you need to create clever situation, such as stopping to tie shoes while waiting to approach him  and pretending to Know him, so you can speak to him and walk with him until you pass the danger.

2nd step


This is the psychological and sociological step, presented in two degrees

1st degree : Exploitation of time and place without direct communication with the suspect.

For a better understanding, imagine that you are walking down an alley while meeting a suspicious person, your ideal reaction is to stop in front of a door, knocking on and saying: open the door, open, it’s me which reduces the possibility of being attacked.

And if right after the danger passes the door opens, you must adapt to the new situation, asking the owner of the house for help or pretending looking for mister Alexander for example.

If the street is empty and there is no houses, you have to move to the next degree

2nd degree : Facial appearance, Moral obstacle

(signal order, frontal smile)

This step and a psychological step it is all about looking strong, full of energy and confidence and you can defend yourself (with a nice face and a big smile…)

3rd step

Word echo

We still in the psychological and sociological step which has two degrees

1st degree : greeting impact:

The influence of greetings on the other psychology

Saying hello using words like how is your family? things are going well ?

2nd degree : impact question :

This is an offensive option … brutally attacking the suspect with a trap question (hide)

The goal is to change the suspect’s intention to attack

Creating a sudden shock by creating a lapse of time thinking about the answer to your question

Example :

Please, is this the home of the police officer…?

– Please notice that you can use both steps at the same time.

4th step

Fronto :

This is the physical stage based on defense techniques and presented in five degrees

1st degree : Creation of emptyness.

Avoid the aggressor’s attacks by creating emptiness taking him to exhausting by using specific techniques, this ability is based mainly on:


Moving (balance-imbalance)

flexibility (neck, hips…)

speed (reaction speed)

2nd degree : Give in, profit

Give in order to use the aggressor’s strength and take him to safe situation without damage.

3rd degree : Tactile defense

It is following the attack without resistance, the non-opposition, it is defending using specific techniques with soft touch.

4th degree : Tactile-alert defense

It’s the strong defense, in an aggressive way, based on specific techniques, moderating the power

5th degree : Inert defense

It is the last stage of defense when all the possibilities of avoidance failed and your life is really in danger, it is the stage of neutralizing, this stage is based on secret techniques of self-defense, specific skills acquired with professionalism and is based on physical and psychic science (nervous system, vital points, rapid hypnosis…).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Chebil   Ramzi






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