Philosophical vision

philosophical vision of the rocker technique



When one contemplates this vast universe, the beauty and harmony of universal images become evident at every


These universal images, through contemplation and meditation, reveal harmony, congruence, and marvelous symmetry.

They suggest the artistic unity  inherent in the structure of this expansive universe .

The sport of “monotheism” is just one of these images.

In fact, the rocking technique in the sport of monotheism resembles a kinetic image akin to the movement of a wave.

The surge of water rising and accumulating progresses in a specific direction, akin to a purposeful attack that

encompasses various energies and meanings. (Photo: 1)


Just as the sea discards its human waste by casting it onto the shores of the coast, it seems to say to all of humanity,

“Dispose of your garbage and waste far from me. You exploit my resources, depend on my grace, and tarnish my purity”

(Photo: 2)


Yet, our refuse remains on the shores, polluting worn-out beaches and the entire universe.

As a natural and subtle response to this offensive movement, water gracefully recedes after caressing the beach’s edge.

It involves a slight and gentle maneuver, akin to kneeling and sliding beneath the opponent, to position oneself for an

attack centered on their axis, executed silently… (Photo: 3 and 4)


It is yielding to conquer, minimizing energy for maximum efficiency.

Be invisible and inconspicuous *** to be less arrogant.

Act discreetly *** and you shall fulfill your mission.

Remain refreshing like fresh air *** never harmful like smoke.

Finally, project, relax, rest, yield.

Projection carries its secret and evokes beautiful, contemplative murmurs.

Upon reaching its zenith, water tends to descend, akin to an extended tapestry.

Hear the flowing water, the awakened murmur, hymns of praise to God.

Whatever ascends must descend.

Whatever you ascend, you shall eventually descend.

Chebil Ramzi

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