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I grew up In the heart of Judo, which has done a lot to me and has taught me the true meaning of responsibility that many athletes, and especially in team sports, can be deprived of.

Judo is not only a sport of self defense but also an excellet based educational system, it is a way of life based on flexibility.

Those who consider that the objectives of Judo are limited in building a physical strength or an international victory or material gain, are really wrong and missed the essential bases of judo

In fact, Jigoro Kano, the founder of JU-DO clarified, on several occasions, and during several conferences, that this art is defined as:


<  the way       of           flexibility >

DO                               JU


So for its founder, judo is the way of flexibility, and he chose for his school the name of KODOKAN which means “school to study the way”

This idea is justified by quotes from several masters of judo in Japan such as master ODA 9th Dan:


<< Using judo to win a competition is a mistake >>


In addition, master TADAO 8th Dan also confirmed the same idea:


<< Only the high ranking practicers of judo will be able to understand, Specifically the  message of Jigoro Kano >>


Unfortunately, these days, we find that most of the methods of coaches and teachers focus on the physical and material aspectd in order to achieve victories and neglect the psychological and spiritual aspects.

This structured or spontaneous deviation from the fundamental principles of the  of judo spirit alienates it squarely from its noble objectives.




Since the smallest details of any act, movement or thought in the life of the human being ends in the soul, it is wise to be interested in this soul and its mechanisms.

And this is where Monotheism comes in, which works on complete union in order to achieve the ultimate goal, called : Unification

Unify actions, Unify movements, Unify thoughts, Unify characteristics and therefore Unify the soul

Monotheism is therefore an Universal sport and a practical means which guides the practitioner towards spiritual elevation and human perfection  by  diversified practical exercises and technical training in their spiritual aspect.

This sport  is not limited by space or  time as it is the case for other sports which require a specific environment (Tatami, gym …), because any place is good to practice Monotheism in a simple and effective way.

Each individual, child, Young, old, Lean, round, healthy or sick can practice Monotheism without needing a specific outfit or a specific place according to their abilities and skills.

Everyone can practice Monotheism and perfect and master their techniques on their own way and without difficulty, while graduating levels to reach the goal with the possibility of being supervised and guided by the Master in a fluid and simple way during certain  Distributed and varied training sessions developed where necessary with the aim of correcting and perfection.



                              Chebil  Ramzi








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